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About Primorosa

All of our pieces are hand selected with our customer in mind - a person who values fine quality silver and expert craftsmanship as well as great design.  From our very collectible and highly sought after vintage clamper bracelets from various artists to our semi-precious stone encrusted jewelry, we're sure you will find outstanding treasures.

We feature fine vintage Mexican jewelry from master silver designers and artists whose work is recognized, admired and collected throughout the world today, such as Hector Aguilar, Matilde Poulat and her nephew Ricardo Salas, Fred Davis, Francisco Rivera, Emma Melendez, Balladares, Los Castillo, Margot de Taxco Carr, Pedro Castillo, Prieto Silver, Alfredo Villasana, pieces designed in the style of William Spratling, pieces inspired by Matilde Poulat by artists Dominguez and Rivera of Mexico City, eagle stamped pieces, and pre-eagle stamped pieces, and numbered stamp pieces.  

We also feature current pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, sterling belt buckles inlaid with rose gold and semi precious stones, and a unique collection of PURE silver pins from Victor Pereyra, whose work we love for its uniqueness and style (see our Featured Artist section for more information on this artist!). 

New to our catalog:  We have just acquired part of a wonderful estate of vintage Native American jewelry.  The previous owners of this collection traded directly with the Indians for many years while owning their pawn shop.  They held onto these items as they felt these were very important pieces that would be highly collectible one day.  They were right!  The items we selected, and are please to offer to you, are museum quality and are very difficult to find in today?s market.   We expect these pieces to move quickly as they are all exceptional pieces of art!  Please take note of these Native American pieces as you browse our catalog!