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Victor Pereyra is a wonderful designer whose work we truly admire for its uniqueness and design.  His signature pieces are his sterling bracelets encrusted with semi-precious stones set with bezels that are framed on an oxidized background for a bracelet that really catches the eye. Each is truly a work of art with each stone cut and polished perfectly to create a masterpiece of design.   We have never seen work like this by any other artist.  His pendants are very detailed as well and feature beautiful stones of great size.  He has great vision of what works well together, which is clearly evident in every piece he creates.   

On a recent buying trip to Mexico, I visited Victor in his shop and had the privilege of watching one of our bracelets being made, a process which took over three days to complete.  It is watching a bracelet go from creative idea to a finished piece that you really gain a sense of appreciation for the skill and knowledge that goes into making each piece.  It is amazing to watch as silver is soldered onto silver and each stone is perfectly cut and set into a bezel to be attached onto the bracelet in the perfect place.  This is all done with hand tools.   I saw no power tools in Victor's shop.  He is certainly from the old school!

Victor Pereyra apprenticed with his father-in-law, David Perez.  David Perez, who is now age 72, left his home at age 12 to apprentice in Taxco at the urging of his father and started out as a polisher and worked his way up learning and perfecting such processes as marrying metals, a skill that is very difficult to learn for many.  Mr. Perez worked for Los Castillo and for Margot de Taxco before leaving to create his own masterpieces. Mr. Perez' own pieces are very unique, a uniqueness that has been learned over 60 years in perfecting his craft.  As you can tell from Victor's beautiful design work, David has taught him well.  Victor has been apprenticing under David's guidance in his shop for over 10 years and has been designing his own jewelry pieces now for the past 5 years.  He has been handling and making silver jewelry for a total of 15 years.   All of his pieces are made using the same hand tools that 72 year old David used many years ago in Taxco.  We are very happy to have several of Victor's signed pieces throughout our catalog, including pure silver pins he created, and look forward to collecting even more!  Whether you are collecting the signed pieces as an investment or are collecting them to wear, we are sure you will agree that his pieces are magnificent!