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Rare Matilde Poulat .950 Candelaria O-IN1077
Product Features:
Rare Matilde Poulat Candelaria featuring a delicately carved Virgin's face in ivory. Her face is highlighted by her crown set with coral cabochons and her crown rests on her delicate veil. A nimbus of holy light surrounds her and ends in points set with turquoise cabochons. Her gown is embossed with quetzal birds with spectacular tail feathers and with eyes set with turquoise cabochons. The border of the dress is set with rectangular pieces of turquoise highlighting her hem of twisted applied wire. The piece also has coral pieces in an "S" shape - the symbol of happiness. The ornate base of the piece is set with turquoise cabochons and is decorated with applied wire.

Her early pieces are a collectors dream as it is growing more and more difficult to find her pieces, but her Candelarias are even more highly sought after as they are so hard to find today! This piece is truly of museum quality with all stones intact.

We have not cleaned this piece as we prefer to offer these important art pieces to the buyer as is so they can determine if they want to clean it themselves or have it professionally cleaned. The piece is beautiful as is!

The piece measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The hallmark is her very early "MATL" stamped in script, ".950", and "Mexico". The piece dates to the 1940's.
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