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SOLD!! Fabulous Vintage Native American White Heart Necklace N-GM0006
Product Features:
This is a very old necklace with ten strands of old white heart trade beads with silver and blue lapis trade beads interspersed. Strung onto these beads are nine old sterling crosses. This is a wonderful necklace! This quality and style is no longer in the market today. It is all strung on old red fine cording, which no doubt is vegetable died and tied off at the back of the neck with red wool. We tried to get more information on this necklace from the estate that we bought it from, but the only information we could come by was that it was bought and put away long ago. I doubt this necklace has even seen the light of day in the past 35 years. All of the beads are old and irregular and they are typical red with white centers, as all white heart beads are. We had an appraiser examine this necklace and he confirmed that these are actual old trade beads, not new beads.

It is difficult to determine a selling price for something that you would like to hold onto for yourself! This is truly a piece of very early Native American art.

The necklace is 30 inches long with a 3 inch long silver cross pendent on the end. All other silver crosses measure from 2 to 3 inches long.
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