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SOLD! Extraordinary Koi Fish Clamper Bracelet B-IN1080
Product Features:
Extraordinary silver clamper bracelet featuring two artistic Koi fish that seem to be leaping out of the water with water spewing out of their mouths! Each fish has amethyst cabochon eyes, a multitude of scales, and a highly detailed tail, all of which are accented with scroll flourishes and silver beads. The recesses of the design is oxidized which lends depth and dimension to the piece. The hinge is tight and functions perfectly. There are no breaks or dents in the repoussee silver design work. The amethyst set eyes are perfect! Seldom do you find a bracelet that is almost 70 years old in such beautiful condition!

The piece is marked "Hecho en Mexico Taxco 925 Sterling ES" in a circular hallmark. The piece dates between 1930-1948. The artist who signs his work "ES" can be confirmed on page 219 of Bille Hougart's highly respected book of Mexican Silver Hallmarks (2006 edition).

Bracelet inside circumference is 7 inches but will fit larger wrists due to the hinged design. The width is 4 inches across the top and 7/8 inch in the back.

Bracelet weighs 56 grams.
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