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Rare Silver Altarpiece O-IN1074
Product Features:
Rare silver altarpiece brought back from Puebla, Mexico many years ago. The origin is unknown although we believe it was made in Mexico or other Central American country.

Puebla and the surrounding areas were settled by the French in the 1800ís and the base and small legs of the statue are very similar to statues of French influence.

The statue is quite rare as we have never seen a large silver cross statue such as this. We have talked to other collectors and they agree this is a most unusual piece. The most common ones were made of wood and even rarer - wood with gold leaf.

It is difficult to date this piece as it bears no markings and was created during the period when few silver pieces were hallmarked, although we believe it is from the last century.

The piece measures 9 3/4 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches wide.
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