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Our Collection : Sterling Chains

We feature many chains in assorted designs and sizes that would look great worn by themselves or with any of the pendants shown throughout our catalog. We individually select each of our chains by weight and quality since we think the proper chain is just as important as the pendant that is attached to it. A chain of lesser quality drastically affects the display of the piece it is shown with. We spend just as much time selecting our chains as we do each piece of jewelry we sell. All chains are marked “925”.

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SOLD!! Multi-Ring Heavy Silver Chain CN-MM0043
This is a multi-ringed silver necklace that is very difficult to make. As a result, many artists prefer not to make it!...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS
Barrel Link Chain CN-MM0044
Each link in this barrel link chain necklace is hand cast which gives it a very unusual design...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS
SOLD!! Heavy Rope Chain CN-GM0002