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Our Collection : Vintage Hair Combs

We began collecting antique and colonial hair combs many years ago and are fortunate to have acquired such beautiful pieces including hand cut tortoiseshell combs, ivory combs, and sterling silver combs that are highly collectible today.

The tortoiseshell comb is rare due to the Hawksbill Turtle being endangered. It is now against international law to use tortoiseshell as ornaments in jewelry or combs which makes owning a tortoiseshell comb an even greater treasure. Towards the end of the 19th century hair styles became simpler and the use of these combs decreased only to return again in the Art Deco period. In addition, Celluloid, a manmade plastic, changed the history of combs. With Celluloid, combs could be made with less expense and in mass quantities.

We love the history these combs possess and we love their beauty. We also love that they have been passed down for generations as prized possessions

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Sterling Silver Hand Engraved Comb CMB-IN1051
We love the detail on this sterling silver hand engraved comb with engraving on both the front and the back...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAIL
1800's Tortoise Shell Comb with 14K Gold Filigree CMB-IN1052
This is a very old comb handmade and hand cut in the early to mid 1800ís...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS
Early to Mid-1800's Tortoise Shell Comb 14K Gold CMB-IN1053
Another wonderful hand cut tortoise comb from the early to mid 1800ís and trimmed in 14K gold with a flower and leaf design...CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE DETAILS